While you know how to show up and put in the effort, it’s no longer about how many hours you work or how many different offers you can create and launch. It's how you can simplify and streamline both that actually increases your profits and impact.


While a booked out business used to feel like the ultimate dream, you now fully understand the “trading time for money” struggle because that’s what you keep finding yourself doing (and you/those closest to you are paying the price).


Diversifying your income streams with scalable offers is not only vital for long term-sustainability but is also what will allow you to spend less time working and more time actually enjoying the life you’ve fought so hard to create over the years.

In other words, you have the business but not the freedom.

The Collective was created to fully support you with the personalized strategy and actions needed to turn freedom-driven success into your new normal.


With scalable offer creation, strategic sales funnels and connection-driven marketing you'll finally have a business that puts YOU first.



An high-touch 6 month experience designed to equip you with everything you need in order to effectively create, launch and/or automate a scalable offer in your business that impacts the lives of hundreds or thousands (without compromising your vision or freedom in the process).

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6 45-minute 1:1 Strategy Calls with Jess

(1 per month, $4,500 value)

This will be our 1:1 time together to focus in on what you’re working on, brainstorm ideas, get down to the nitty gritty of your offers/launches/funnels,  troubleshoot, spill your guts, be accountable and/or anything you need from me!

Unlimited Voxer and Email Support with Jess

($3,000 value)

Have something you want my eyes on and/or want to keep between us? I’ve got you! For our time together, you’ll have access to me - right in your pocket! My previous 1:1 clients will agree that this is always their favorite part of working together and since I want to make sure YOU have everything you need for success too, this is part of it!

6 Collective Calls

(1 per month, $3000 value)

Each month, three women will be able to jump on the “hot seat” to share what they need help with in their business currently so that we can all come together and share our own ideas and experiences so that you can walk away full full clarity and action steps on what to do next.

4 Guest Mentors

(4 total, $2,000 value)

If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s connect with some of the best of the best in business! Based on the needs of members in The Collective round, I’ll be bringing in four Guest Experts during our time together to spill all the goods in a live sessions so you can ask all your questions as well!

BONUS: Private Group with Your Collective Group

($997 value)

With no more than eight women being accepted in any given round of The Collective (and no two having the same expertise), this private group will give all members a home base to connect, share wins, ask for help and anything else you need along th way!

BONUS: 1 in-person Retreat to learn, grow and connect

($997 value)

In-person connections are, by far, one of the best parts of business - and I want to bring that experience to you as well!


Bring your favorite PJs, a notebook to learn and we will spend a transformative  days together learning, laughing, lounging and sharing big hugs!

BONUS: 6 month access to the Achievers Circle

($762 value)

You’ll find that when you work with me, I have no problem creating custom resources (screen shares, spreadsheets, etc.) as needed.

However, I also have a TON of training already available in my Achievers Circle membership that I want to give you easy access to as a fast resource during our time together.

Surprise Bonuses

From two 1:1 hour intensives to social audits, mindset coaching, cash injection plans, fun mail and more... there's no telling what extra goodies I throw into the mix, at no additional charge to you.


Depending on the group of women together for the round, there's always an opportunity to surprise and delight (and I love doing so!)

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