The 5 Essential Elements to 3X Your Current 1:1 Profits (with Courses that Sell on Autopilot)


  • The 3 biggest myths that keep online business owners on the 1:1 client reliant rollercoaster and consistently trading time for money as a result.

  • The most time effective and profitable way to create, launch and automate your course to amplify your income and impact. (Yes, even if you're still working with clients currently!)

  • How to attract a steady stream of ready to buy leads, on autopilot, who are already looking for your gifts.

  • The only system you need in order to sell and serve every single day in your business (with or without you there).


As the founder of Freedom Driven Success, Jessica Rodriguez is a Business Strategist with an unapologetic mission to help purpose-driven coaches and established strategists escape the 1:1 / DFY reliant income roller coaster — so they can amplify their impact and profit, all while working less.


Not one to shy away from sharing the whole kit and caboodle, Jessica’s Freedom Driven Success podcast (available on iTunes and Stitcher) is jam-packed with straightforward strategies, behind-the-scenes insights, and powerful conversations about navigating the entrepreneurial journey towards a business that puts YOU first.


Her Achievers Circle membership community guides women through her proven framework to break free from their maxed-out business model and create sustainability built on scalable offers, strategic sales funnels, and connection-driven automation.


When not talking all things business, you can find Jessica making inappropriate jokes with her hubby, trying (and failing) to keep her furbabies from taking over the house, curled up on the couch binging Friends, or traveling to experience whatever next adventure life brings.